What is the question you get to asked the most? For me, for the past few years, it always has been “How do you manage all these things that you do? How do you DO it”? And I guess due to the amount of projects and different job titles that I have – from PR-manager to fashion editor to founder and of course a blogger – it absolutely may seem a bit overwhelming.

Now, I am the first one to admit that I really do DO a lot of things. But the thing is, I rarely feel that it’s too much in any way. You now that cliché that they say “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”? Well, it’s not really a cliché but actually very much the truth. So when Pandora approached me with collaboration idea on Pandora #DO campaign I felt that this is something that I can absolutely relate to because without doing that hard work in the beginning of my journey, without putting myself out there, without taking risks and going for what I love, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

So where am I today? What do I DO nowadays? I tried to put together some bits and pieces from my everyday life that include everything from #DOwork to #DO celebrate, from #DOlove to #DOlive and of course some #DOpandora jewelry – three amazing rings that I selected to fit my everyday life (and of course to match my wedding ring). One rather minimal, one a bit more outstanding and one with a little pearl-like stone. And they all fit like a glove, or fit like a ring, may I say.

So to make the story short. There really isn’t a better recipe to get to the place you want to be than start doing. DO start that blog if you really want to become a blogger, or DO write your first fashion article if you want to be a fashion journalist. DO volunteer at a fashion event, or DO become an intern in the field that you love. This is how I started and here I am now. Teaching and preaching so you would DO what you love, DO that with all your passion and love because amazing things can happen from that.

Trust me, I live to tell.