What is the question you get to asked the most? For me, for the past few years, it always has been “How do you manage all these things that you do? How do you DO it”? And I guess due to the amount of projects and different job titles that I have – from PR-manager to fashion editor to founder and of course a blogger – it absolutely may seem a bit overwhelming.

Now, I am the first one to admit that I really do DO a lot of things. But the thing is, I rarely feel that it’s too much in any way. You now that cliché that they say “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”? Well, it’s not really a cliché but actually very much the truth. So when Pandora approached me with collaboration idea on Pandora #DO campaign I felt that this is something that I can absolutely relate to because without doing that hard work in the beginning of my journey, without putting myself out there, without taking risks and going for what I love, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

So where am I today? What do I DO nowadays? I tried to put together some bits and pieces from my everyday life that include everything from #DOwork to #DO celebrate, from #DOlove to #DOlive and of course some #DOpandora jewelry – three amazing rings that I selected to fit my everyday life (and of course to match my wedding ring). One rather minimal, one a bit more outstanding and one with a little pearl-like stone. And they all fit like a glove, or fit like a ring, may I say.

So to make the story short. There really isn’t a better recipe to get to the place you want to be than start doing. DO start that blog if you really want to become a blogger, or DO write your first fashion article if you want to be a fashion journalist. DO volunteer at a fashion event, or DO become an intern in the field that you love. This is how I started and here I am now. Teaching and preaching so you would DO what you love, DO that with all your passion and love because amazing things can happen from that.

Trust me, I live to tell.


New season stands for a new bag, right? Or is it just me?

Tegelikult oleksin ma võinud leida ükskõik millise põhjuse, et lõpuks ometi tervitada oma kotiperekonda legendaarset Mulberry Bayswaterit. “Sügisemaks” teeb ehk antud olukorra see, et juba mitmeid-mitmeid aastaid järjest ei tähista minu jaoks sügist paremini miski muu kui punakas-pruun-burgundia toon ja nii sai just selles värvivarjundis uus käekott koju ka toodud.

Ja nüüd võin ma öelda, et olen ametlikult sügiseks valmis. Bring it on, you autumn!


Teate küll seda olukorda, kui sulle miski oma uutest asjadest nii meelepäraseks saab, et tekib tahtmine muretseda see endale igas värvitoonis? Ja kas te neid tumepunaseid sametisi Italia Independent päikeseprille mäletate? Tuli välja, et need hakkasid mulle nii palju meeldima, et tundus ainuõige muretseda need endale ka mustas värvitoonis. That’s just me ..


You know how sometimes you like something of yours so much that you want to get it in every possible colour? And do you also remember those dark red velvet Italia Independent sunglasses? Well, it turned out that I just had to get them in black, too. That’s just me .. 

T-shirt and pants: H&M / Bag: Zara / Watch: CLUSE / Sunglasses: Italia Independent


Ei juhtu just tihti, et värskelt Eestisse müügile jõudnud bränd pälvib minult nii suure sümpaatia, kuid Italia Independent on selle “tööga” vägagi edukalt hakkama saanud. Mujal maailmas juba mõnda aega laineid lööv kaubamärk annab välja nii prilliraame kui ka päikeseprille, ja kuigi ma paberite järgi “päris” prille (veel) ei vaja, siis suhteliselt raske on olnud end brändi klassikalistest mustadest raamidest eemale hoida (olete neid ehk silmanud nii siin blogiski kui mu Instagramis). Ning sellest punasest samet-mudelist ma ei hakka üldse rääkima, nende pärast võib siin moeringis veel suureks kakluseks minna. Lucine on mulle juba vastavaid vihjeid teinud .. Mainin ka, et prillid ise on hetkel saadaval Milk&Cookies veebipoes ning alates 1. augustist on nad esindatud ka Telliskivi ostutänaval, Milk&Cookies pop-up poe raames.


Not every day I get so excited about a new brand that enters Estonian market, but Italia Independent managed to get my attention, and a lot of it. This eye wear brand is already quite known around the world and perhaps you might have even spotted their frames or sunglasses here and there before. I personally liked their newest collection so much that even though I don’t need “real” glasses (yet), I just couldn’t keep my hands away from their classic black frames – you might have seen them already making some appearances in my Instagram account and actually in this page here as well. And those red velvet ones you see in these pictures ..  I have to be really careful when walking around in these. Some ladies have given me hints that they are more than ready to rob me because they like this model so much (yes, Lucine, I’m talking about you). If you live in Estonia then at the moment you can purchase Italia Independent at Milk&Cookies web store but from 1st of August brand will also be available in Telliskivi shopping street, in Milk&Cookies pop-up store. 

Jacket: Zara / Top: Topshop / Pants: H&M / Glasses: Italia Independent / Watch: CLUSE