Lubasin küll suure suuga mitmes erinevas moeartiklis ja -intervjuus, et hakkan sellel sügis kandma heledamaid toone, kuid kuna oma otsustamatuse tõttu jäin ma tänavuse H&M Studio kollektsiooni beežist oversized mantlist ilma, siis leidsin, et ei ole paremat aega kui nüüd (= eelmisel nädalal Riia moenädala poole startides), et tuua kapist välja hoopis minu paari aasta tagune H&M Studio tumesinine mantel. Ja tundub, et selle proportsioone ja villasisaldust arvestades, saab sellest minu tänavuse talve soojahoidja küll.

Coat: H&M Studio / Blouse: KÄT / Pants: H&M / Shoes: ASOS / Bag: Chloé / Earrings: Tanel Veenre

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  1. It’s not that uncommon to have paralegals field client questions that don’t require the law28r&#ey17;s expertise, such as scheduling issues. Unfortunately, it’s also not that uncommon for demand letters to get delayed over and over, either due to records not being received or requested in a timely manner. While this behavior of stalling the client with promises that “it will go out next week” is bad, it’s so common — and there are always excuses for it — that I doubt that this would be considered serious misconduct or an ethics violation.

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